The bottles are now all in the wine cellar. The small work bench is proving useful. All the bottles carry printable cellar tags from Vinoté and I’m using cellar management software from Uncorked Cellar.


The diamond bins are not as practical as we thought they’d be. Each bin will hold 9 bottles, however, with more than 6 bottles they feel a little unstable.


The cardboard case racks have proved ideal for storing case lots that I don’t want to open for some years.


Most of the racking provides space is for individual bottles although we’ve also added a section of diamond bins for the everyday quaffers and several cardboard case racks. The empty wall space will eventually get a vineyard photograph.


You can just see the wine cellar lights in this photo. We had to use wall lights because the ceiling is low. We used two strips of lights. The halogen globes put out a bit of heat but they’re on a dimmer switch which helps.


The wine racks were delivered in flat packs and were relatively easy to assemble. There are curved racks that fit into the corners.


The wine racks have finally arrived. It took some time to find a supplier and we chose pine racks because they suited our budget.


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