How To Hold A Wine Glass

There Is A Right Way To Hold A Wine Glass!

Once you’ve selected the right wine glass for your wine it makes sense to discover how to hold it …

It may seem a bit unnecessary to discuss how to hold a wine glass, but there is a right way and a wrong way and it does make a difference.

Wine is served in stemware because the temperature at which wine is served can have a profound impact on its taste and the enjoyment it yields. Wine glasses should always be held by the stem of the glass rather than the bowl since the heat of your hand will quickly warm the liquid.

Warming a wine above its desired serving temperature will yield unwanted and unpleasant characteristics. The alcohol in wine will give a sharpness or ‘bite’ to the taste if the wine is served above 74ºF.

It is a common mistake made by many people to hold a wine glass by the bowl. This will not only warm the wine it will also make it difficult to inspect the contents of the glass for clarity and color. And fingerprints on the bowl will also make it difficult to look at the wine and will detract from the visual appeal of the wine glass.

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If the wine glass feels top heavy when it is held by the stem it has probably been filled too full. A wine glass should only be filled to about a third to half full.

There has been a trend in recent years toward stemless wine glasses. These may be acceptable for casual occasions but negate all the benefits of enjoying wine from stemware. Likewise, drinking from colored glasses won’t allow the color and clarity of the the wine to be noted.

So, just hold the glass by the stem unless the wine is served at too cool a temperature and you need to warm it briefly.

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