Wine Cabinets For Storing Bottled Wine

Bottled wine is very sensitive to environmental factors and can spoil quickly if not properly stored. White wines are especially sensitive to changing environmental conditions so you need to take care when storing this type of wine. If you really want to preserve the taste and quality of your wines and allow them to age slowly while developing complexity, you should store your wine in a properly constructed wine cellar.

If you do not have a space available to build a wine cellar then a refrigerated wine cooler will preserve your wines in an ideal environment.  Wine cabinets are designed specifically to maintain the correct temperature and humidity for storing wine.

Shopping For A Wine Cabinet

There are many types and models of wine cabinets currently available. Depending on your budget and your use, you can get a good wine cabinet for just a couple of hundred dollars. Of course, this type of wine cabinet will be small and will accommodate only a few bottles.

The larger the wine cabinet, the more it will cost. However, if you have a large wine collection and you do not want your wine to deteriorate due to poor storage, buying a large capacity cabinet that can accommodate all your wine bottles can be considered a good investment. A big wine cabinet that allows to you to add, remove or adjust some racks will give you more flexibility. If you need more space, you can just add more racks and if your wine collection is depleted, you can just remove the extra racks.

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When selecting wine cabinets, you need to pay close attention to the special features of the wine cabinet. The design and color should match with the rest of your furniture and fixtures. Matching the designs of your furniture, fixtures and home appliances will give your home a more organized and harmonious atmosphere.

However, it is important to look beyond the design and color of the cabinet. Remember that beauty should go with functionality. You don’t really want to buy a wine cabinet solely for decorative purposes so make sure that you choose your cabinet well and that it is large enough for your wine collection.

Temperature will affect the quality of your bottled wines. Make sure that your cabinet is equipped with a temperature stabilizer. Note that rapid changes in temperature will quickly destroy your wine. To allow your wine to age slowly it should be stored between 10 and 15 degrees C (50-59 degrees F).

Humidity is equally important as temperature in storing wine successfully. Your wine cellar or wine cabinet should maintain humidity of around 70% to prevent the wine bottle corks from shrinking and allow wine to escape from the bottles and allow air into the bottles.


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