Wine Rack Ideas for Small Homes (Space Saving)

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A temperature-controlled wine cellar may be required for longer-term storage. Reading this post may help you choose the best wine racks for storing your wine in a limited small space.

It’s a well-worn saying that older wines taste better, but it’s true. The manner in which a wine is kept will have a direct impact on how well it matures. Wine racks are an easy and convenient method to store unopened bottles of wine for a shorter period of time.

Count the Number of Bottles to Go on the Racks.

As a general rule of thumb, one square meter of racking may accommodate one hundred bottles.

When storing a significant quantity of the same wine, bins that hold 12 or 24 bottles are the most efficient option; nevertheless, these bins’ resident bottles are more prone to breaking if an earthquake strikes while the bin is in use.

Pick a Location to Place Your Wine Racks.

Under no circumstances should the wine rack ever be placed on top of the refrigerator. Every bottle of wine has to be kept in a cold, dark environment. Find a place in your home that maintains a temperature that is about ten degrees cooler than the rest of the year. Your wines would be well served by being kept in the basement, provided that the temperature was maintained there. You also have the option of putting the wine rack in one of the rooms’ closets.

These storage locations are not very appealing, yet they preserve the flavor of the wine. In addition, ensure that the wine will not be shaken; this is still another reason why you should not store it in the refrigerator.

Do not keep the wine close to something that has a powerful odor since this might cause the taste of the wine to be overpowered. Wine racks maintain the bottle in a horizontal position, directing the flow of wine toward the cork. The wine will age more gracefully if the cork is kept moist.

If you would want to preserve wines skillfully for a long time but do not have the budget for a cellar, you may consider purchasing a standalone wine cellar that has temperature control, instead of storing wines on the racks at room temperature.

Save Space by Using Wall Wine Racks.

If your wine storage area is limited, you may only have room for racks against one wall; thus, you should search for racks that can be piled to the ceiling of the space. It is essential to fasten the wine racks to the wall in order to support a tall stack of them.

When it comes to picking bottles, individual wine racks are by far the handiest option. There are many different types of wine racks, each of which can hold a different number of bottles, and pricing differences tend to have more to do with the wine rack’s appearance than its functionality. If you have racks against just one wall of a closet wine cellar, you may still have room left on the floor or shelves for wines that you buy by the case.

Decide the Layout of the Racks.

When storing wine that has been purchased by the case, diamond cubes, and rectangular wine bins may be helpful; but, as you consume more of the wine and work your way through the bin, you will find that you have more and more room that is going to waste. If you keep several kinds of wine in the same container, you’ll have to rummage around in it constantly since you have to shift the bottles on the top so you can see what’s at the bottom.

Remember wine racks’ primary function is to safely store bottles in a horizontal orientation while maximizing the amount of space used by each individual bottle.

It is essential to lay down bottles that are sealed with corks in order to maintain the cork’s moisture level. It is possible to keep bottles with screwtops standing upright, although doing so often requires more room than it is worth.

Go With Single Depth Racking.

Utilize single depth racking in all instances where it is available. Racking that holds bottles two deep may make it harder to discover certain wines and cause unneeded disruption to the wines that need to be moved to get to the wines that are farther back. In any case, the majority of wine closets won’t have sufficient depth for this sort of wine rack.

Choose the Material & Style of Your Wine Racks.

Wine storage may be as basic as shelves or bins, or it can be made up of separate cells made of wood, steel, or plastic.

After you have determined where you will keep your wine rack, you can then enjoy the process of selecting one. Metal wine racks are available in hundreds of different styles and are designed to complement a wide variety of interior design schemes. There is a wide range of designs available for metal wine racks.

You may get wine racks made of wrought iron, which are considered to be more traditional, or you can choose wine racks made of chrome or steel, which are considered to be more modern.

Wine racks made of metal may be used on their own, combined to make a table, or hanging. Prices for wine racks made of metal might range anywhere from $25 to several hundred dollars.

There is just as much variety in wooden wine racks as there is in metal wine racks. Three bottles may be stored in a small wooden wine rack, while around 50 can be stored in a big wine rack. Wine racks made of wood that are available for purchase may be assembled into a table, used as a storage chest, used independently, or used as stackable boxes. Wine racks made of wood may be purchased for anywhere from $40 and several hundred dollars.

Save Money by DIY or Online Shopping.

You should have no trouble fitting modular wine racks purchased from an internet vendor into your brand-new wine closet.

Look for a variety of wine rack designs both online and at home improvement shops. You might even construct your own simple wine rack. Instructions are accessible online.

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